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About Us

Corporate profile

Telekom Networks Malawi Plc (TNM) was the pioneer mobile network in Malawi. It was established in 1995 as a joint venture between Telekom Malaysia Berhad and the then government owned Malawi Postal and Telecommunications Corporations (MPTC) and later on MTL following the splitting of the MPTC into two entities of postal (MPC) and telecommunications (MTL). In April 2007 Telekom Malaysia sold its 60% majority stake in TNM to MTL Mobile an investment vehicle that was spearheaded by Press Corporation Limited. TNM Listed on the Malawi Stock Exchange in 2008. TNM is wholly Malawian owned with the following shareholding: Press Corporation Limited 41.31%, Old Mutual 23.65% (total), Magni Holdings Limited 5.66%, Public and other 29.38%.

Press Corporation Limited

PCL, a listed company on the Malawi Stock Exchange and as a depository receipt on the London Stock Exchange, is a diversified holding company that operates through 7 operational subsidiaries, one associated companies and 4 jointly owned operations.

Press Corporation Limited is the largest conglomerate in Malawi with major interests in financial services, Telecommunication, Food and beverages, trading, real property, tobacco processing and energy.

Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL)

MTL was set up to run the government owned fixed line operator which hitherto was managed by government directly then later on by Malawi Postal and Telecommunications Corporation (MPTC) which was subsequently split into separate postal and telecommunication entities. It provides telephone, data, leased line and internet access services. It was privatized in February 2006.

Old Mutual

Old Mutual Malawi, whose core businesses include asset management, provision of group retirement savings schemes, individual and group life assurance is a major investor in the Malawi economy. Old Mutual plc is a public limited company, incorporated in England and Wales and listed on the Johannesburg, London, Malawi, Namibia, Stockholm and Zimbabwe stock exchanges. With significant interests in South Africa, United States of America and Europe, Old Mutual plc is a multi-national financial services group focusing on asset gathering and asset management.

Livingstone Holdings Telecommunications Limited

Livingstone is a telecommunications holding company whose controlling shareholder is Livingstone Holdings Limited, a company with investments in various sectors of the Malawi economy.

The Public and Employees

The company was listed on Malawi Stock Exchange (MSE) in Nov 2008 through which the public and employees acquired shares in the company.

Coverage & Technology

Geographically TNM network covers over 74% of Malawi and over 85% of Malawi’s population. TNM operates 3.5 Generation network enabling advanced high speed broadband multimedia services, in addition to GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks. TNM offers a comprehensive range of pre-paid and post-paid services, these include voice and data connectivity. TNM has been a pioneer of many services in Malawi and became the first mobile operator in Malawi to launch 3.5G broadband services in Malawi offering cutting edge services such as video calls, video and music streaming, high speed wireless internet access services.


Our mission is to be “Malawi’s premier mobile company of choice, offering best in class mobile telecommunication services to people everywhere.”

Premier means best in terms of:

  • Customer value
  • Customer service
  • Employee talent
  • Consistent and predictable growth

As Malawi’s Premier mobile company we will enable people and businesses to realize their full potential. In doing so, our mobile services will contribute to the growth and development of the Malawi economy.

TNM values

  • Customers

We value all our customers and treat them with respect, providing friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and prompt service at all touch points. We never forget that they come to us by choice. We seek and are driven by our customers’ feedback. We are committed to direct relationships and outperforming the competition with value and a superior customer experience.

  • Integrity

We operate with unyielding integrity, obeying all laws and adhering to a stringent code of business conduct. We will not tolerate unethical business conduct by our team members. We will act with integrity and respect towards all.

  • Excellence

We continually raise our performance to exceed customer and shareholder expectations. We strive to be the best in quality and in everything we do.

  • People

We are an equal opportunity employer and we value, respect and empower our people. Providing an environment where diverse individuals can develop and are expected to perform to their full potential. Teamwork is key; respecting new viewpoints, diversity, building trust, enhancing communications, and sharing best practices to deliver world-class products and services.

  • Malawian Identity

We are committed to our roots and our corporate social responsibility, Green or otherwise. We share an infectious sense of mission to make an impact on society and community at large. We reach out to and empower our customers in ways never before possible. Our goal is to develop mobile telecommunication services and offerings that are accessible and within reach of every Malawian. In so doing giving every Malawian the means and ability to reach their full potential and allow them to play a full role in the development of Malawi.