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Board structure and policies

The TNM Board determines TNM’s strategic objectives and policies to deliver long-term value and provide overall strategic direction within a framework of rewards, incentives and controls.

The Board is committed to ensuring that TNM conforms with the major principles of modern corporate governance namely, accountability, integrity, and transparency as contained in the King Code of Corporate Governance Principles and the King Report on Governance (“King III”), and the Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance in Malawi. TNM’s unitary Board structure comprises 7 nonexecutive directors whose responsibilities are set out in a formal charter.

TNM has a Board comprising nine non-executive directors and a Chief Executive Officer.


Dr. George PartridgeDr. George Partridge (Chairman)
Appointed to the Board on 15th June 2017

Dr. George Partridge is the Group Chief Executive of Press Corporation Limited where he was appointed on 1st November 2016. Prior to this, he was the Chief Executive Officer of National Bank of Malawi, a position he held from November 2006 to October 2016. Before that, he served as Head of Treasury and Finance, General Manager and Deputy Chief Executive Officer having joined the Bank in 1994. Prior to joining the Bank, he worked in various capacities at the Reserve Bank of Malawi for 11 years rising to the position of Director. Dr. Partridge was instrumental in the formation of the Institute of Bankers of Malawi, where he served as its first President. In his own right, Dr. Partridge has over the years served on a number of private and public sector boards and national economic advisory committees. In recognition of his achievements and service to society, he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Leadership and Management in 2015 by the University of Malawi.

Hitesh N. Anadkat Mr Hitesh N. Anadkat (Vice Chairman)
Appointed to the Board on 5th April 2007

Mr Hitesh Anadkat holds a MBA from Cornell University and a B.Sc Economics (Hons) from the University of London. Prior to returning to Malawi to establish First Merchant Bank, he worked in a corporate finance house in USA. He has several business interests and also holds chairmanships and directorates in a number of other sectors of the Malawian economy, principally banking, manufacturing and property development. He also holds directorships in commercial banks in Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique.

John M. O’NeillMr John M. O’Neill (Director)
Appointed to the Board on 5th April 2007

Mr John O’ Neill is a fellow and a member of the Institutes of Chartered Accountants in Ireland and Malawi respectively. He is the Group Finance Director of First Merchant Bank Limited and his previous professional career included six years as a partner in the Malawi practice of Deloitte.

Elizabeth MafeniMrs Elizabeth Mafeni (Director)
Appointed to the Board on 12 June 2015

Mrs Elizabeth Mafeni is the Group Financial Controller for Press Corporation Limited (PCL). She joined PCL in September 1999 as Chief Accountant at Malawi Pharmacies Limited. In June 2000 she was transferred to the Corporate Head Office initially as Chief Accountant until 2003 when she was promoted to the position of Group Financial Accountant. On 1st October 2010, she was promoted to the position of Group Financial Controller.

John BiziwickMr John Biziwick (Director)
Appointed to the Board on 28th September 2016

Mr John Biziwick holds a Bachelors Social Science (Economics) and a Masters of Science in Economics. He joined the Group as Group Operations Executive on 5th October, 2015. Prior to this, he worked as Commissioner General of the Malawi Revenue Authority from June 2012 to July 2014. Before joining MRA, Mr Biziwick worked for NBS Bank as the Chief Executive Officer from 2002 to 2012 and as Deputy General Manager (Operations) from 2000 to 2002. Mr Biziwick began his professional career in the Reserve Bank of Malawi which he joined in 1980 as an Economist. From 1980 to 2000, he worked in various departments including Research and Statistics, Foreign Exchange, Exchange Control and International Operations.

Dean LunguMr Dean Lungu (Director)
Appointed to the Board on 24 September 2014

Mr Dean Lungu holds a BSc Mechanical Engineering and an MSc Industrial Engineering. A registered professional engineer, he is a former Board Chairman of Press Corporation Limited. He is currently promoter of setting up a 500,000 metric tonnes per annum cement plant in Bwanje Valley. From 1997, Mr Lungu has been running a family construction company Deans Ltd, whose notable projects include: repairs to the Kapichira Hydro Power Station River Training Dyke, in joint venture with Grinaker-LTA of South Africa, resurfacing of 210 km (Lilongwe– Salima–Nkhota Kota) Construction of Mtiti Bridge and Construction of Lweya Irrigation Scheme among others.

Damien KafotekaMr Damien Kafoteka (Director)
Appointed to the Board on 25th August 2011

Mr Damien Kafoteka holds FCCA, BCom Accountancy and Diploma in Business Studies. Mr Damien Kafoteka is currently working as Finance Director of Old Mutual (Malawi), a member of the Old Mutual Group – a leading international and asset management company. Mr Damien Kafoteka’s career as a senior management accountant spans more than 20 years, having worked as chief accountant for companies such as Petroleum Importers Ltd, Tambala Food Products, Malawi Pharmacies Ltd, and leading Malawi retail chain PTC/McConnell & Co.

Douglas StevensonMr Douglas Stevenson (Chief Executive Officer)

Appointed to the Board on 2 October 2015

An accomplished Executive Manager with 20 years’ experience and documented success in the areas of planning, executing and negotiating at various organizational levels. Well versed in strategic leadership management, this market focused individual has the ability to sell new strategies and methodologies to all levels in the business; to identify new solutions, directions and disseminate actionable knowledge at Group level.

A motivational and inspiring leader who sets high standards of performance for himself and others, proficient in a variety of challenging functions with demonstrable ability to streamline business outcomes. Dedicated to shareholder value model by incorporating people, processes and strategies to consistently achieve top honours for generating revenue that exceeds margins, year-on-year.

As part of former career highlights, played an instrumental role as part of the team responsible for the project finance deal for Vodacom Tanzania. This effort was acknowledged with the deal of the year award in the Telecoms sector through Standard Bank of London in 2002. Currently, Douglas is the Chief Executive Officer for Telekom Networks Malawi, having joined from Vodacom where he worked as Managing Director of Business Africa Group.

Douglas Stevenson holds a Bachelor of Accounting Sciences, Bachelors of Accounting Science (Honours), and Master of Business Administration (MBA).